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At last... we're finally live on Kickstarter with our campaign to launch Striker as a weekly comic - with the football being shown as motion capture animation every Saturday

This is not only the biggest development in Striker's 33-year history but an absolutely crucial one - because we need your support to keep Striker going and bring these projects to life.

The money Striker gets from The Sun these days isn't enough to cover production costs, so we need to introduce new revenue streams. And the comic combined with animated football will give fans much more than we can cram into seven daily newspaper strips each week.

But we can only go forward if enough of you make a simple pledge to our Kickstarter campaign. Pledges start from just £3 to receive an exclusive digital Striker print and a subscription to the first 12 animated games - which will be shown live online in the form of three or four-minute highlights. That's just 25p a week!

For fans who want a comic with their animated football, there are options to subcribe to digital versions of the first 12 issues for £18 or a print subscription for £30. Subscriptions can also be combined with other great rewards - including mugs, books and original signed black and white strips from the 80s and 90s.

The results of the animated matches will be decided in real time by computer algorithms using programmed odds. That means fans over 18 will be able to bet on the games (including first scorer, time of first goal, half-time scores etc) - or people can just watch the action for fun.  

If you're unfamiliar with Kickstarter, it's simple to use. Viewers will see a short video from creator Pete Nash with some text and illustrations. Each reward level is listed in a separate panel.

If you'd like to make a pledge, click on the relevant reward and you'll be asked to give your card details for the amount you're pledging - but money will ONLY be debited if and when we hit our target of £35,000. If the funding is successful, your card will be debited on Saturday, May 12.

If we fall short of our target, the comic and animation won't launch, and everyone keeps their money.

The campaign will end on May 12 - but if you're happy to make a pledge, please do so NOW so we can hit our target as soon as possible.

You may notice that one of the rewards includes a free digital subscription for people who buy all four of the Striker books released so far. Please don't feel left out if you've already bought the books - we'll soon be launching a new online shop that will enable us to offer a generous loyalty points scheme for existing purchasers.

You can post questions on the Kickstarter page but hopefully it's all self-explanatory. All that remains is to say a huge thanks in advance to everyone who's willing to help us. Let's hope we hit our target as soon as possible so we can secure Striker's future and enter a fantastic new era! 

Here's the Kickstarter link: