Planet Striker

Striker kicks off a new era

A new season of Striker started on July 31, 2017, in The Sun - Britain’s biggest-selling daily paper - with episodes also appearing every day on our new, re-designed website.

The routine will be different to previous years in that the storyline will now follow the course of the UK football season from August to May. The 11-week summer interval will be filled with a classic Striker story from the past.

There will be no further YouTube videos for the time being, as it was too much of a demand on severely limited resources to produce them in addition to the daily comic strip.

On the plus side, there are some exciting plans lined up this season which will be pivotal to Striker’s future, starting with a crowdfunding campaign, details of which will be announced in the next few weeks.

Veteran Striker fans will know the Strikerworld fans’ forum has been around for more than ten years and there is a direct link to it from the Fanzone button in the top menu bar of our website.     

Striker creator Pete Nash is hoping this new era will also herald the long-awaited introduction of animated motion-capture football matches, shown as live-streamed highlights lasting 3-5 minutes. Further updates will be made when there’s a definite launch date.