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IT’S A MONSTER of a book that’s been 31 years in the making and at last it’s available to buy on a first come, first serve basis… Volume One of Striker: The Complete Collection – The Black and White Years, 1985-1990.

The book is a limited edition, A4 hardback with a gloss laminated cover, and has a whopping 320 pages. You will find the Buy Now buttons (a choice of signed or unsigned) at the end of this message or next to it. You can pay by credit card, debit card or your Paypal account if you have one. Please note - this is a hardback Limited Edition and no more will be printed after they are sold out.



The first ten pages of the book are a full and frank account (with photographs) of my meandering journey to the creation of Striker, including my expulsion from school, my time in prison during an unhappy and misspent youth, the lucky break that took me into journalism, and the many months of teaching myself to draw.

The rest of the book is crammed with all 21 Striker stories from November, 1985, to just before the start of the colour strips in 1990.

And there’s something else – the first Striker story is the original unabridged one that has never been seen since its first publication 31 years ago!

The version of the first Striker story that some of you may have seen in the comic and one of the only two Striker annuals that were published – back in 1989 and 1990 – was a shortened one that I created because I hated my early artwork. I thought there were maybe a dozen or so strips that I’d left out but when I compiled the strips for this book, I discovered there were almost two months’ worth of strips that I’d removed from history. I should never have done that, and I’ve made up for it now.

I’ve also added my thoughts and memories on the stories at the end of each one and before the start of the next. And I explain why I don’t think the first story could ever have been published today – at least not in The Sun.

There are two purchase options: £24 (including post & packing) for an unsigned copy or £29 for a signed copy.

Striker: The Black and White Years is intended to be the first volume of the entire Striker collection. We will aim to publish a new volume every three or four months.

I think that’s about it. All that remains is to say thanks for buying the book and I hope you enjoy it. And please let me know what you think afterwards (by leaving a message on Strikerworld - accessed through the Fanzone button at the top of our home page - or on our Planet Striker Facebook page).

Striker - Complete Collection. Vol 1

Hardback, A4, 320 pages - £19.00 + £5 p&p

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Striker - Complete Collection. Vol 1 - Signed copy

Hardback, A4, 320 pages - £24.00 + £5 p&p

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