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striker vol1Striker: The Complete
Collection - Volume 3

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A little later than planned, Volume 3 of Striker: The Complete Collection is ready to order at last.

This book contains the last four years of hand-drawn Striker adventures before the switch to 3D computer-generated production at the start of 1999. And you can see a three-week experiment with the new style towards the end of the book.

This era also marked a transition in the tone of the Striker stories from drama to comedy drama - inspired by the larger-than-life character traits of Eric and his trophy wife Vanessa, who made their Striker debuts at the end of Volume 2.

As with all the volumes in the collection, there's an introduction by Striker creator Pete Nash, who recalls his thoughts and memories from that era.

Once again, there will be a limited print run, so be sure to order your copy early as there were many disappointed people who missed out on Volume 2 (we are considering printing a second edition of Volume 2 next year).

The price for Volume 3 has been kept at £25, including delivery, for an unsigned book or £30 including delivery for a signed copy.

Thanks for buying and happy reading! 

Striker - Complete Collection. Vol 3

Hardback, A4 - £20.00 + £5 p&p

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Striker - Complete Collection. Vol 3 - Signed copy

Hardback, A4 - £25.00 + £5 p&p

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