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striker vol2 newStriker: The Complete Collection - Vol 2: 2nd edition.


Volume 2 was a sell-out but we can now confirm that a limited second edition reprint will be ready for dispatch in January, 2018. Order now while stocks last.

Entitled Thamesford to Warbury, it’s another quality heavyweight hardback of nearly 300 pages, featuring every Striker episode from the start of the colour strips in 1990 to the early Warbury adventures in 1994. As with the first book, there’s an introduction by Striker creator Pete Nash with his thoughts and memories from that particular period in Striker’s fascinating history.

There are two purchase options: £25 (including post & packing) for an unsigned copy or £30 for a signed copy.

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Striker: Thamesford to Warbury, 1990-1994 is Volume 2 of Striker: The Complete Collection. We are aiming to publish a new  volume every three or    four months.

Here are some of the reviews of Volume 1 that purchasers posted on

I read striker every day with my dad who has read it longer than I have. It was great to start from the very beginning! Daveyboysmith

Essential reading for any Striker fan old or new, a must have, and like everyone else I am keenly awaiting news of the forthcoming volumes! Paul  Bradley

An essential piece of memorabilia for all striker fans - the beginning of a journey that pulls you in and keeps you gripped, always wanting more. Lewok

Loved the insight to Pete and his work up to launching Striker. Reading it from the beginning was good. Can’t wait for book 2! Stevenuk1

Unfortunately I had missed Pete Nash's earlier works and this book has basically answered all my questions and filled in all the blanks, quite literally a  must have for any true fan of the comic   strip. In addition to my interest in the stories however, I particularly liked the introduction to the book where  we the reader learn some facts about Pete Nash's early life and how striker came   to be born, intriguing stuff which adds to the book's  appeal.  Bumperlady

Book 1 was like going back in a time machine for me. If you read Striker from the beginning, this is a fantastically well put together rediscovery of  classic Striker stories. It tells you why Nick i  s the way he is. If you didn't read Striker from the beginning, this is like opening up a whole new Striker  world. You'll love it! Mick Wall

Striker - Complete Collection. Vol 2: 2nd edition

Delivery in January 2018

Hardback, A4 - £20.00 + £5 p&p

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Striker - Complete Collection. Vol 2: 2nd edition - Signed copy

Delivery in January 2018

Hardback, A4 - £25.00 + £5 p&p

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